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You need to feel
in Life and Relationships!

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"At Balanced Life Matrix, our mission is to guide individuals on a transformative daily journey from average to FULFILLING. From Good to Great!

Through curated courses, dynamic classes, and an engaging online community, we empower you to elevate every facet of your life across the seven key areas below.


We are dedicated to fostering personal growth, resilience, and a mindset that thrives on inner peace and abundance. Join us in creating a community where ordinary is left behind, and the exceptional becomes the new standard.

Your journey to an exceptional life starts here, where every step takes you closer to the higher versions of yourself."






Live a Balanced Life

  1. Fearless: Being bold means having the courage to face challenges and take risks without being intimidated or held back by fear.

  2. Confident: Bold individuals possess a strong sense of self-assurance and belief in their abilities. They are not afraid to express their opinions or stand up for what they believe in.

  3. Daring: Being bold often involves a willingness to step outside one's comfort zone and embrace new experiences or opportunities, even if they seem unconventional or risky.

  4. Innovative: Boldness can be associated with creativity and originality. It refers to the ability to think outside the box, break conventional norms, and propose new and groundbreaking ideas.

  5. Assertive: Boldness is often linked with assertiveness, the ability to express oneself clearly, directly, and confidently, while respecting others' rights and opinions.

  6. Leadership: Bold individuals are often seen as natural leaders. They have the confidence and conviction to take charge, make decisions, and inspire others to follow their lead.

  7. Impactful: Bold actions and choices have the potential to make a significant impact. They can inspire change, challenge the status quo, and create positive outcomes.

"It is never too late to be who you want to be!"

Life events: Childhood, Friends, Career, Family, Finances, and Health,
all potentially lead to some strong emotions.

Strong emotions: Anger, Sadness, Loneliness, Fear and Regret,
potentially lead to physical pain in the body!

Balanced Life Matrix has a Holistic Wellness Approach to exploring these areas so you discover underlying issues

and transform using insight into the mind and body connection
bringing you into a more joyful and peaceful alignment within

and in relationships.

Coaching holistically gets to the true root cause of difficulties that are not always in our conscious awareness! 

*We openly explore all 7 areas of your life*


Feel Connected. Feel we Belong.

Feel we're a part of something.

Instead of asking what we offer, ask us what we can provide, FOR YOU!

All our plans are uniquely created for you. Not, EVERYONE! 

Our support groups
keep YOU connected
so you don't feel alone!


  1. Weekly emails with valuable information on how to succeed in feeling safe and connected!

  2. Weekly calls with other people experiencing life, the SAME WAY YOU ARE!

  3. Q&A with YOUR Coach so that you don't feel you have to "figure it out" ALONE!

Contrary to popular belief, trying to do EVERYTHING

on your own, never works!

                          REAL TALK: 

  1. Childhood affects Adulthood.

  2. Men have emotions that need expressing.

  3. Relationships are created to promote healing.

  4. Emotional pain can lead to physical pain.

  5. Women NEED Men.

  6. Men need to feel WANTED.

  7. Women need to feel SAFE.

  8. Men are taught to hide emotions.

  9. Opposites attract and then, cause HELL.

  10. Unconsciously, your life is run by attachment styles.

Our Community

A community of loving people who meet regularly to talk about how we want help, how we can give help, how we built a foundation of self-awareness, love, understanding and safety leading to more fulfilling lives and relationships!

***Here are the Benefits of  Joining a Membership*** 
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Image by Laercio Cavalcanti

Based on my academic study, my personal life experiences and knowledge, my thought would be that the baby would respond with; "I need to know that someone is here to help me!"

That feeling remains in us throughout our lives. It doesn't end when we turn 10 years old or when we become a teenager, or when we graduate college, or when we get married, or when we retire from a career, or any other point in our lives. The need for connection is always there, and it will always be there!

I'm building a brand that is based on a community specifically to reinforce, build and stabilize human connections. It puts us back into a position of feeling comfortable with asking for what we want and need.

This community helps us understand how depending on others and having others depend on us, builds human connections and gives us a sense of safety and peace.

This site reflects my vision.


Humans tend to think they are the only one going through something. For example: I'm the only one going through a horrible relationship, or I'm the only one having a tough time in college, or I'm the only one who doesn't understand my boss or parents, or I'm the only one who feels like I need to eat food because it makes me feel better, or I'm the only one who feels this lonely and wants to cry, or I’m the only one struggling to do everything as man of the house or woman of the house, or I’m the only one who is overwhelmed with a family, a career and emotions I don’t understand, or I’m the only one who feels like being vulnerable is scary and my partner may leave me.


Meeting and talking with others, JUST LIKE YOU is the key to feeling safe, accepted and connected AS YOU ARE!

About the founder:
Anthony Johnson, BA, CLC

My Story

Hi, I'm Coach AJ,

Over the last three years, since COVID hit in 2020, I've noticed a heightened level of separation. 

This separation has always been present however, with COVID it became more emphasized.


Everyone staying home. People behind masks. Stores closed. Restaurants closed. And social media, BOOMING!

Contrary to popular belief, humans have an innate need for connection.  This connection does not end, once we exit childhood. It's an ongoing thing.

Humans need human connection throughout life. 

We live in a culture of, every man for himself, and no one should need anyone, and learn to rely on yourself, and don't depend on anyone.

There is even a theory that rushing to attend to a crying baby, will "spoil" the baby. As in, the baby will always want you to come running when it cries.

In essence, that makes sense.

These theories, posed by adults, have never been taken from a baby's point of view. I imagine, getting a three month old baby, to respond to the question of why do you cry, would be a bit difficult.

Connected Community

Our Service and Support

The focus of this community is building connections with others who are experiencing life similar to us.

We aim to break the theory of "Going it Alone" and help everyone realize how empowering it is for us as individuals when we feel that we are not alone. Comforting to know others share the same thoughts, feelings and emotions.

Knowing others are experiencing setbacks and personal issues just like we are.

Often, there is a connection between Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE's), adulthood emotional pain, eating habits and chronic pain.

Some, experience all of these at some point in life and some may experience these all at the same point in life.

Connecting with others, feeling safe with being open about how you feel and learning emotional regulation, will lead to a positive change in your wellbeing and may relieve repressed emotions which in turn, can help alleviate physical pain. 



Join Personal Sessions

One on One sessions via zoom on a case basis or as part of an affordable monthly plan.

Young Businesswomen
Discover and Experience Balance in all these areas:



Helping YOU Overcome The Fears And Obstacles In Your Life with the Support of a Coach and Others!
Humans Helping Humans

Family Picnic

The Balanced Life Matrix Community Group covers the seven (7) areas of life.


Each week we will cover a different topic. There will be follow-up sessions during the week and  a Q&A session.

There will also be an open forum session where you can ask questions about any of the seven areas and also talk with others in the community.


Benefits include: covering all seven areas of life, talking with others going through the same process, discovering how things that work for others can work for you, helping others in the community with things that you have found successful.

*Weekly Specialty Areas*
Young Guy with Beard
Male Emotions

Specialty Areas meet each week to focus on one 


Relationship Challenges and Male Emotions


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Relationship Challenges

All human men have emotions and emotional needs. Men need to be understood, valued and feel a sense of purpose.

Culture has lead us to believe that men should not show emotions and portrays men as weak for being emotional.

Showing authentic emotions is the strongest thing that anyone can do!

Men need to feel safe being MEN!

The community helps men process what they think and feel, while being allowed to be honest and open in a safe environment for                           *MEN ONLY

All relationships require good communication, understanding and an awareness of who we are in the world.

Knowing how to build strong, authentic relationships will prove difficult if we don't understand who we are. If we don't know who we are at our core and what we want, how can anyone ever make us happy?

If fear keeps us from being honest and open, how can we ever truly make someone else happy? It's a false self.

The community helps us find ourselves and learn to openly communicate in an environment created to help us feel safe.

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